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Mulch, Soil, and Stone

Other Bulk Materials we deliver include: Screened Topsoil, Slag Sand and 21AA Crushed Concrete.

Begonia Brothers Landscaping and Garden Center offers a variety of quality Mulch and Soil products. We sell bulk and bagged mulch in a variety of woods and colors. All of our materials can be delivered or picked up in our store.

DELIVERY FEES WILL VARY, based on your location. Free estimates are available! You can visit the store to place your order, or call us and we will take care of your needs over the phone!

Mulch can act as a surface insulation by moderating extreme temperatures, conserving moisture, controlling weeds, and by preventing erosion.

Mulch can also act as a soil amendment by improving soil granulation and aggregation, by providing habitat for beneficial soil organisms, by improving the efficiency by which plants take up fertilizers, by increasing water retention and absorption, and by preventing soil compaction and improve aeration.

Mulch is also a great beautifying aid. It makes surface areas more attractive, it makes surface areas safer for paths, play and sitting areas and it makes landscaped areas easier to maintain.

Residential & Commercial

Begonia Brothers Full Service Landscape Care offers professional landscaping, landscape design, landscape maintenance, and snow removal to the Novi and Northville, MI area.

Our landscape designers have over 13 years of experience. Our friendly and professional staff are here to meet all of your landscaping needs.

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